1. Currently we do not make custom orders. We will open this possibility again in the near future.

    2. We do not make refunds because these are digital files that you will keep. Before buying, please read the description of the designs. 

    3. If you have any questions - ask them before buying the models. 

    4. After the purchase, you will receive the email with the download links - please read it carefully; there is the instruction to open the designs. 

    5. If you have CNC-related technical questions - join our group on Facebook and ask our community directly. https://www.facebook.com/groups/216301672878681 - please, answer all the questions when joining - otherwise, you will not be accepted to enter our community.

    6. Please do not worry about our designs' security—one of the biggest companies in North America is constantly protecting and watching over our files. That is why our designs are archived in WinRAR to ensure you are getting only the original and safe work from us. 

    7. Do not forget to check our website weekly because we create around 30 new models every week!