You can show your customers our designs to help them decide what they want to carve. This catalog was made special for your CNC business. Here is the link to the catalog:
We are always interested in your business to succeed!

Our values shape our policy

3DWave is the platform that values only designs of high quality.

We expect from our sellers original and professional creations.

We are opened to new industries

We are focused on the CNC and Laser industries. However, if you design models for 3D print, you are welcome to enrich our universe with this direction as well.

Open your store

1. Register

You have to register in our seller portal. Click below to proceed.


2. Log in to the seller portal

Check your email address. You will receive the link to enter the seller portal.

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3. Add info

Prepare your shop to be seen by customers. Make it beautiful, add information about yourself, maybe a profile picture as well.

How to

Add products

1. Go to products listing

From the main menu select "Products" and then "Products Listings"

2. Add product info

Add a short name for your product. If your product is a 3D model for CNC, add the extension "3D STL" at the end. If it is for laser, add "laser-file" at the end of the design name.

3. Price and Digital file

You decide your prices. After adding your price go to the section "Digital Product Details." Please select the option "Digital Product as Link." Paste your download link that the customer will get after the purchase.

4. Product Image

On the right side, you will see the section to upload the image of your design. After uploading the picture, it is time to add your design to the correct collections.

5. 3DWave collections

If the collection is for Laser, you will select the categories with the word "Laser" in the name; the same is for CNC. For example, if you have a "Flower" 3D Model for CNC, then select the category "Flower and Plantlife CNC." If your model is too specific, add it to the category "Others CNC."

6. Product Meta Fields (tags)

This is not mandatory. However, adding product tags like: "eagle 3d stl model", "dog laser file" - and other specific words, will help customers find your design not only on 3DWave but also straight from Google.

7. Save Changes

After completing your product, click the green button "Save changes." Congratulations, your model is now selling on 3DWave!

Paypal or Wire Transfer

Add payment details

That is how you will get your money from sales. If you prefer to get your funds via Paypal, write the Business Paypal Email. If you opt for Bank Wire Transfer - write the IBAN, name of the account holder, Bank SWIFT and the country.

Why you should consider

Selling on 3DWave

Loyal customer base

We have thousands of active customers from North America and Europe.

We will help your shop grow

Your designs will be featured on our main page.

Money and transparency

No hidden fees. No payment for listings. We charge only 15% of your sales.

We are here

3DWave is your first choice when it comes to designs of a professional quality. We enrich with value the CNC & Laser industries in the North & South America, Europe and Australia.

Highest-Quality on the market!

The quality of the models speaks for itself. Expect woodcarved masterpieces of the same quality :)

Your success = Our success

Our digital art boosts the sales of the CNC and Laser businesses accross the world. Your success - is our success!

New waves of models!

Our team creates new designs every day. In 4 years, we made more than 3000 unique designs of the highest quality. Enjoy!
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