AMERICAN EAGLE 3d illusion & laser - ready file


AMERICAN EAGLE 3d illusion & laser - ready file

File description:

Laser-ready, buy & burn.

This is a 3D ILLUSION FOR LASER ENGRAVERSdesigned for laser engraving.  Laser ready. The design is compatible with any laser engraver.

After purchasing this file, you will receive a download link from Etsy.
Please make sure you have the proper software to extract /open/ these files.
SVG and PNG (499 DPI) files.
SVF file is an outline cutting vector.
Watermarks will not appear on the downloaded file.

  1.  After the payment, you will get directly the files by download. The file is archived in .rar.
  2. If you do not have WinRAR, please download it from here, it is free:
  3. After downloading & installation, unzip the purchased files with WinRAR.
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